Spec feedback

Has anyone played around with Spec?

Hi @tony I have used it a few times but mainly as a way of finding icons for other apps. If I recall each new table has it’s own spreadsheet which is a bit awkward. I then had to copy them all into one spreadsheet so that all the sheets were in one spreadsheet.

Agree with @Lynn - I find it is useful when one wants to quickly spin up an app with some sample data and a UX for it that can be saved and expanded upon.
I would hate to see it removed.

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For any table that has adds or updates, I end up needing slices to order the form views and include SHOW columns… As a result of this, my SPEC views end up being crazy unweildly:

So, I’ve never used this.

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@Jonathon I forgot to link to https://www.appsheet.com/spec

There’s a “spec view” of your current app in the editor, but also a way to create new apps via a similar interface.

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I think the main issue is that it’s a divergence from what the platform typically does… Appsheet is data first, where Spec is high level conceptual app building. I think it would be a good data modeling tool for people new to relational database design… Now, it would be cool if it could be mix and matched… Like what if while doing a SPEC I could connect a legit data source, and then continue Spec…

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Thanks for the feedback, all!