Spec Question

Creating a small app for 5 foremen to view when their crew members safety has expired and need to go back to redo training. What type of spec would I add to indicate when a specific crew members’ safety has expired?

Hi @keagan_pinter, are you referring to appsheet.com/spec? It might not be possible to express this feature in spec…

Based on your description, here’s how I’d do this in AppSheet:

  • Have a date column in your table
  • Create a virtual column called Expired? that has a formula like TODAY() > [Date Column] + 5 (assuming a five day expiration)
  • Create a slice of your data with a filter condition [Expired?] = TRUE, to show just the crew members who have expired safety

You might also be interested in scheduled reports. You could send an email to crew members who have expired safety: https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/961724-reports


Thanks a lot I’ll give a try, and get back to ya!