Spec view missing relationships


When I look in the spec view of my app, I can cleary see that several relationships/connections are missing between tables. Even “is a part of” relationships are missing. But most of the relationships are showing. It is no difference in how the connections thats works are made/referenced, compared to the connections that doesnt work.
Do you know whats causing this problem?

Oliver Dahl, KON TROLL AS

Everything is fine in the app though? Its just this View that is not showing the connections?

No. The REF columns work in forms, but when I try to use interactive dashboards, it is no releations between those tables.


Not exactly sure what you are saying. Is interactive mode on?

Are you using a random column type, and then using base type REF? Or are you using a real REF column type?

Also, that’s quite a few tables and slices for one app… Typically it’s better to break that content up into smaller apps. (I don’t know your app, so that may not be true for your case)