Special Characters in Reports and Workflows

I refer to the following post thread in the Tips and Trickssection.

We have various special characters or unicode characters available in various text editor or spreadsheets. For example ,in Google Docs these are available under Insert --> Special Characters option.

Some of the useful characters are here :heavy_check_mark::white_check_mark:✓χ:x::heavy_multiplication_x::red_circle::green_circle::yellow_circle::large_blue_circle::star:☆€:euro::dollar:

Many OS such as iOS, Android , Windows, browsers and text editors display these special characters. Of course a few characters arenot necessarily supported by all OS or browsers.

We can use these in app. as enum options or as text or in displya names. I request that these characters be available when we create PDF reports out of Google doc or MicroSoft word templates. This will help making the reports still richer.

The corresponding discussion thread is available at in Tips and Tricks section

Discussion on Special Characters