Specify another table to add selected table records to

I’d like to use the ‘Delete’ checkbox style function and add an option to it so users can select from a list of records (contacts for example) and then select ‘Invite’ instead of delete and then be given the option of a list of other tables (events invite lists) to add them to.

I’m trying to allow our employees to easily go through their contacts and add them to an invite list for any events we are running.

I’d like to keep the delete function as well though so they appear as 2 options at the top bar…

I’ve been going round in circles trying to set this up with no luck!

Thank you!

How many events are running at the same time?

normally only a few, i have these listed in a separate table and then i also have a tab in the sheet for each event where I want to list the contacts that we want to invite

Is there any reason that you want a separate tab for all events? From the app perspective that’s not needed.

ah no actually, I’ve condensed them all into one sheet with a column for event name

So… is my assumption correct that now you have two tables, Contacts and Events?


Contacts (existing contacts with name, job title, client etc) this is the table i want the checkbox function on.
Events (list of events, event details etc )

I also have a sheet called ‘Attendees’ (currently blank with the column headers - Event, Name, Job title etc) as contacts will be invited to more than one event I wanted to list them separately.

And one contact is invited more than just one event?

yes exactly

I modified one sample app a bit… please check “Invitation” app from www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778


Thanks for this, it doesn’t seem to give me the option to select which event I want to add them to though? It shows 2 ‘+’ signs but I have no way of knowing which plus relates to which event… Do you think I need to include a form with a dropdown list in here somewhere perhaps? So the form pops up when you select the plus, then you select the event from the dropdown, then click save and it adds to them to that event attendee list?.. Thanks, sorry to be a pain!

Do you have access to use appsheet API?
If so I believe API would achieve what you want to manage easily.

The app is created in a way that the action button’s name is actually the event name (active). It shows all buttons where the event is newer than today. This will add that event for the contact when you click that action button. Though I have added just two actions. If you have more than two live events, then you could create more than just two actions.

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I changed Event names so it would be easier to understand. Please sync so you will see the update :slight_smile:

ah ok I see what you mean, thank you. I’m still a bit unsure people will know which ‘+’ to choose. Is there any way to add in some sort of selection list?.. Or perhaps it would b easier to do it from the event page itself. So, in attendees, select new which takes you to the contacts page where you can then select all the checkboxes and then click confirm for example?

Though there are many ways to build this kind of functionality. You asked an action in your original post and this sample is possible the closest. Your users should be able to select the correct event if you use good wording with the event name. This sample app shows them like this…

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