Speeding up sync times in apps with a lot of data?

Hey all,

I’m new to this form so I’m hoping this is the right place to post!

I’m just curious if any of you have any ideas on how I can speed up sync times on one of my applications.

This application is running off an SQL connection to a couple databases and the main source of data has over 30,000 records in it. On top of that there are many fields that use expressions so I’m assuming this might also be a point in which sync times are getting caught up in, but sadly all of them are necessary to keep.

Is archiving some older data into a seperate table my best bet to reducing load/sync times? Or is there anything I can do in AppSheet?


I’m a begginer.
I have over 100k records, in different tables., in google sheets.
What I did , mainly, was putting the readonly tables in the same spreadsheet, and activate those sync options for readonly tables.

Second, based on my needs, i created some simple filtering options, and used those in tables security filters. That makes some of my largest tables to only trasfer the rows that match the filter. On sql i think the security filters are even better.

As an examole, I have a table with 60k lines, one column being a date. So i filtered it in security filters with something like [date]>=today()-365 , to only load the last year records.

So , first of all, i suggest to take a look in securuty filters, for your case


Check this out.


Thanks guys I’ll check these out!