Spend the time and I keep complicating with t...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Spend the time and I keep complicating with the dependant dropdown!

I have a product table with: Category Product Brand Size Colour

Another table with purchase orders and a daughter table with the order items. In the latter I have the same columns configured as Ref type and with Valid If Price list [Product] Price list [Brand] Etc.

There everything works well.

But not in the Price List table. When loading a new product does not filter the products of the category. I set them up as Enum, then as Text, and also as Ref pointing to the same table.

I tried with ValidIf Price list [Product] And with In ([_ THIS] .SELECT (Price List [Product], [_ THISROW]. [Category] = [Product])) As indicated in the article “How to make a dropdown with choices that depend on the value selected in another dropdown”

With that expression, it no longer shows the field in the form

What I want to achieve is to be able to load a new article, either from the form of the price list, or while loading a purchase order.

In my opinion, it should work only with putting Price List [Column], just like in the table of items …

I will appreciate any help!

And I take the opportunity to suggest if you could create a single document with all the information about different types of dependent dropdown, when it is applied to the same table, when applied in reference to another table, why sometimes you see “Add or Search” and others only “New” and how to control it, if using Valid If cancels the possibility of adding new items?; with many examples of use, and for what kind of need each one applies. It is one of the few more complex issues of appsheet and really very useful.

Thank you very much and a great 2019!

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Alfredo_Pou I’m afraid I am unable to understand the relationships between the tables and references in your app to suggest a solution. From your description, I can gather that there are 3 tables in your app: product, order, and price list. What are the relationships between these tables? How do they reference each other? Also, for which column in table price list do you want to create a drop-down? What does this column represent? How do you want this drop-down to be filtered relative to the other 2 tables?

(Alfredo Pou) #3

Apologies! I thought I had explained it well.

It’s like this: there is 1 main product table: Price list In it the stock is calculated

There is another table Purchases That has a daughter board Items purchases

There is also another table Sales That has a daughter board Sales items But with that there are no problems.

In the item table Purchases when adding a purchase you can buy existing products in the Price List table, or you can add new products (purchased for the first time) With this there are no problems either. The problem arises with adding a new product directly in the Price List table. Where I want that after selecting the category, the product dropdown, only show the products of that category and be able to select one of those products or add a new one. Then, once selected categories and product, the dropdown Brand, only show the brands of that product and be able to select one of those brands or add a new one, and then the same for the dropdown Size and the dropdown Color.

Was it a little clearer? Thank you

(Reza Raoofi) #4

You said the problem arises when you are adding new row to Price List table, also this Price List table seems to be the only place where the relationship between Categories, Products in each category, and Brands and Sizes of each Product have been defined, and those dropdown lists are all Ref columns, am I right? If I haven’t understood could you post some screenshots of the column structure, and the Valid_if expressions of the columns that are not functioning as you expect?