Split Enumlist & based on each single value, display or hide YES/NO type column

Hello Experts,
I have a column type ENUMLIST separated by semi colon(;) . Now I have more than 5 or 6 columns with YES/NO type.
I need to identify each & every single value in ENUMLIST column. Based on each value I need to display or Hide YES?NO type columns.
For example,
My ENUMLIST column name is ACTIVITIES. It has value like:
If I split this I have 3 different values: Powered hand tools,Hand tools,Pressure testing.
I have 6 columns type YES/NO. Let’s say they are: Col A, Col B, Col C, Col D, Col E, Col F.
So for Powered hand tools, I need to show Col A & Col F.
So for Hand tools, I need to show Col B & Col F.
So for Pressure testing, I need to show Col D & Col A.
At the end, I have to show Col A, Col B, Col D & Col F. This is my requirement.
Can we achieve this with ENUMLIST? I can achieve with ENUM only. I am little worried, if I choose ENUMLIST.
Please suggest me or shar eyour opinion to resolve this.
Thanks in Advanced!!!


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