Split existing app into 2


My CRM app has 36,000 rows and about 50 tables. I have had to move tables to other googlesheets so that the data isn’t too big (so Zapier will connect to Xero without complaining too).

It takews about 45 seconds for the app to sync which is just about managable for my sales team at the moment but it is going to get bigger. I also have an app for my drivers that just looks at orders in the data which is very fast as it doesn’t look at the main table.

Is there a simple way of splitting an app into 2 or more without copying the first and deleting tables which in turn means I have to delete various views and functions as one deletion causes another problem with another table.

I have formatting etc that I want to keep rather than start from scratch each time.

I use the security filter option in the main table and a “fast” mode button to determine which data the app should look at. When set to “fast” mode - only active customers show up (after resyncing) - approx 1000 - and the other 35000 don’t. This makes the app function faster and crash less in chrome and when in use.

It still takes the same time to sync though. Is there a way of permanently stopping a version of the app looking at certain rows in my Orders app for drivers so that even syncing is faster?



Sorry, no there isn’t.

If the Security Filter is reducing rows from 35000 to 1000, you should see significantly faster sync times. If you are not, then there must something else that is contributing to the slow sync such as lengthy Virtual Column calculations.

Drivers probably don’t need access to as much data as someone in the main office. I would suggest a dedicated Drivers app AND a Security Filter that pulls in records that only THAT driver needs to see. This should make things extremely speedy for the Drivers.

Two additional suggestions:

  1. Use the Performance Profiler in AppSheet to analyze the Sync time and determine where most of the time is being spent. Find the biggest offenders and begin making changes for improvements to the sync. It will take time.

  2. Consider an archival plan. Security Filters can get the app only so far in reducing data but there is still a performance hit in loading rows that are rarely looked at. So, I encourage those with apps that have thousands of rows, to consider an archive app. This is a separate app that houses the automated processes to move old data from the main table(s) into an archive table(s). The archive app can be built with simple views to look at the old data if ever needed.