Split gallery over multiple pages

I’ve got a gallery that displays many images, so many that it takes quite a while to load. Is there a way to split the gallery over multiple pages and only show a defined number of images per page?

The gallery doesn’t really need to show all images from the start because it will always be filtered with a search, the user needs to find and see just a few of the images available.

Is there a better solution to just see the images that matches a search term?

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If you have a search by say some category, then maybe you wish to take a look at the following sample app. Here various attractions ( Restaurants etc.) in a geographical area are categorized through a gallery view and displayed in a deck view. You could display those with a gallery view inside a gallery view.


Alternatively, if you precede each label of those gallery view rows by a common search term ( Say all restaurants preceded by the word Restaurant), the user could search by restaurants in one long monolithic gallery.

Some additional easy references to get going on creating apps. All the best.

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