Spreadsheet Formula Different for each row

Good Morning everyone,

Its been a long time, all my apps are running great but running into sync time problems.

Im trying to get a Spreadsheet formula to work and get rid of some formulas in the app, Here is my dillema.

Each Row of the spreadsheet needs a differant formula…

This is the formula for the first row under the headers.
=sumifs($J:$J, $D:$D, D2, $E:$E, E2, $R:$R, “<>True”) - sumifs($K:$K, $D:$D, D2, $E:$E, E2, $R:$R, “<>True”)

Second row
=sumifs($J:$J, $D:$D, D3, $E:$E, E3, $R:$R, “<>True”) - sumifs($K:$K, $D:$D, D3, $E:$E, E3, $R:$R, “<>True”)

Third Row
=sumifs($J:$J, $D:$D, D4, $E:$E, E4, $R:$R, “<>True”) - sumifs($K:$K, $D:$D, D4, $E:$E, E4, $R:$R, “<>True”)

How Would I get these to change in the spreadsheet formula when a new row is added

Many Thanks and what an amazing amount of changes that have happened while I’ve been away with wonderfully running apps with no problems.

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