Spreadsheet formula not being picked up


This spreasheet formula isn’t being picked up by appsheet.

=VLOOKUP(B2,{‘Order Details’!G:G,‘Order Details’!Q:Q},2,FALSE)

Any thoughts?

Many thanks


I love VLookup! I just translate mine when I bring the columns into AppSheet using LOOKUP.

Here’s the syntax: LOOKUP( find-value , in-dataset , in-column , return-column )

Or, the way I think about it: LOOKUP( value to match , table to look in , column to look for the value in , column to get the answer from )

It’s hard to apply to your case, because I don’t know your column names so here’s an example of a VLookup I changed in my app. An employee name is selected - I want to select the employee ID for that name.

In Google Sheets:
VLOOKUP( J3:J , {HR_EmployeeNameFL,HR_EmployeeID} , 2 , FALSE )

In AppSheet:
LOOKUP( [HR_EmployeeNameFL] , “Employee ID” , “Employee Name” , “HR_EmployeeID” )

I want to lookup - LOOKUP(
…(1) the name in the Employee Name column (insert column name in square brackets) - [HR_EmployeeNameFL] ,
… …(2) in the Employee ID Table (insert table name in quotation marks) - “Employee ID” ,
… … …(3) find the matching value in the Employee Name column (insert the column name in quotations marks) - “Employee Name” ,
… … … …(4) and get the corresponding Employee ID from the ID column (insert the column name in quotations marks) - “HR_EmployeeID” , )

Yours basically becomes:
LOOKUP( [B2] , “Order Details” , “G:G” , “Q:Q” )
Just insert the correct column names from each table!! :partying_face:

Here’s AppSheet’s Description

Translating the VLOOKUP to an AppSheet 'Lookup" should work.

We should also be able to extract the spreadsheet formula when parsing your worksheet.
When a worksheet formula cannot be extracted, we normally display a warning message when you click the ‘Regenerate’ button for the table. Are you seeing any warnigns?

If the problem is still occurring and the AppSheet ‘Lookup’ solution is not working for you, I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The table name
  4. The column name
  5. Your permission to do several ‘Regenerate’ commands for your table while I am debugging the formula extraction problem.
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