spreadsheet formulas Hi, i've a list that i ...

(Mark Pathfinder) #1

spreadsheet formulas

Hi, i’ve a list that i insert manually in my google sheet “CALLS”, (is a list of calls i download in another CRM) and i’ve to insert an info in the last column for the kinds of calls “CALL DIRECTIONS” (NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, MOBILE) actually i’ve this formula in my sheet and i would to insert in the app, i can’t use the app formula because the formula works only when i open the table and i can open all calls because are more than 1000 every month; i tried to insert my formula in SPREADSHEET FORMULAS, but the column (CALL DIRECTIONS) a does not appear in the app.

HOW CAN I DO? would there be another way to solve my problem? @praveen @Aleksi_Alkio

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Can you explain more details or describe the current table’s/spreadsheet’s column structure? What is this formula and where it is saved in spreadsheet that it does not appear in the app?

(Mark Pathfinder) #3

the file that I insert in my google sheet, which contains the geographical areas of the calls, I have to group them in 4 groups (National, International, Mobile, Special number); the list that I receive, however, has all the directives (eg: Germany, Spain etc); the rule I inserted is an if: IF (A1 = “Germany”; International; IF (A1 = “Germany, Mobile”; “International”; etc; in The app i converted in:


IF(RC[-7]=“Germany, Mobile”,“International”,