SQL Error Message

We have a few users that are getting an errors (message shown below). I have tried to reproduce the error on my phone but the app works perfectly.

Basically, the app is used by drivers that deliver newspapers to racks. They scan a barcode on the rack to capture location and the newspaper edition being delivered. They then input the amount of paper they are delivering. Their GPS coordinates is captured, and they take a photo of the rack. Pretty simple. The data is captured to a Microsoft Azure SQL server. The data that stores the rack information when they scan the barcode is an Excel table.

The error I’m getting states the “Edition” column can’t be null. I’ve double-check this and every row in the Edition column has data. So I’m confused. Here is the error message:

“Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘dbo.delivery_drops’. → One or more SQL errors has been encountered: One or more SQL Server errors has been encountered:\nA column in your SQL Server table cannot be null. Please make sure that you provide a value for this column.\nOriginal error message from the database: Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘EDITION’, table ‘ezdelivery.dbo.delivery_drops’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.\r\nThe statement has been terminated.”

A debugging step I do for that error is to first change the column setting in my SQL db to allow nulls for that column - That allows me to force the sync through and examine the data that got passed in.

Do you have an initial value set for the Edition column? I’d check that as well.

There are approximately 20 different newspaper editions, so I haven’t set an initial value on the Edition column. Once the driver scans the barcode it pulls in the data from the reference table that stores all the rack info. The drivers made deliveries last night and this error didn’t come up, so it seems to be an intermittent issue. Per your suggestion, I will set the SQL data to allow nulls and see if that makes a difference.

I appreciate your input. Thank you.

@Terry that seems like a really cool use case. If you have any more issues with it, give me a mention and I’d be happy to offer any insights I have.

Helo stefan…

I’am using dbMysql, column setting in my sql is null (defaul),when regenerate structure all expression formula in appsheet (initial value ) change to NULL
can you help me