Standalone while label apps sold through Google and Apple Stores

At today’s webinar my interpretation (hopefully incorrect) of an issue raised by AppSheet left me shocked and really nervous. AppSheet suggested I raise the issue here to put them in a better position to gauge the community’s interest in a new feature which would fix this matter.

Here’s my situation: I’m on the secure professional pro plan and will initially purchase the required 10 user licenses so that I can create a white label file that can be sold by subscription as a standalone app in Google’s and Apple’s stores. The publisher pro is not an option since the app is supported by a huge amount of U.S. state data, and I need security filters to restrict each user to just a few states (otherwise their smart phones cannot handle the load).

My understanding of today’s AppSheet comments is that they currently have no way of ensuring that my purchased number of user licenses does not fall below the number of app subscriptions sold at the stores. To me the implication is that without some type of fix, I cannot proceed with how I plan to monetize the app. I’ve gone over my notes of many months and even some current pricing/plan information on the AppSheet site – but I see no indication that this was ever raised by AppSheet as an issue.

Again, I hope my interpretation of the webinar is incorrect - or that some type of monthly document submission on my part (e.g. sales reports the stores provide me) or new technical platform functionality would allow me to proceed normally. Frankly, without something like this, I see no value to AppSheet’s ability to create standalone while label secure apps sold in stores.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you please clarify this part? I couldn’t be able to grasp it actually. Especially the “…my purchased number of user licenses does not fall below the number of app subscriptions sold at the stores…

Sure, sorry for the lack of clarity. AppSheet was saying, I believe, that they currently have no way of interjecting themselves into the store-purchase process. I interpreted that as their not having any way of monitoring store purchases. So obviously if I buy 10 user licenses from AppSheet, but sell 15 apps on the store, AppSheet is being short-changed. I had always thought that the file they provided me to be submitted to the stores contained some code for their somehow being able to track sales.

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I don’t know for sure, but I doubt AppSheet would be “short-changed”. Instead, my guess is your app would be blocked until you purchase sufficient licenses to cover your user base. I encourage you to engage to get answers to you questions.

Thanks Steve. But before doing that I’ll stay with this forum and respect what was requested of me at the webinar. Again, my understanding is that AppSheet would not have information on my sales, so it wouldn’t know when I should be blocked. Hopefully AppSheet can clarify this on this forum.

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AppSheet may not be aware of your sales, but they are aware of the number of users using the app. If that number exceeds the number you’re licensed for, your app will probably be blocked, preventing all of your users from using it until you purchase sufficient licenses to cover them.

To be clear: even a white labeled app interacts with AppSheet servers. AppSheet servers are integral to every AppSheet-based app. Every user of your app makes use of AppSheet servers. It is this interaction that AppSheet tracks and charges you for, as I understand it.

You should talk to Sales.

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Steve, that is really clarifying (and comforting). I must be totally misunderstanding what AppSheet was saying today. Steve, may I ask: are you an employee of AppSheet?

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I am a contractor to AppSheet, at the fringe. My participation in the community is as a volunteer.


Thanks Steve, have a nice evening.

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When you have more users than licenses, it won’t block your account like right away. Your account is sending bunch of warning emails before the block so you have good time to fix this issue.


Fantastic Aleksi, I must have been having a senior moment during the webinar that had me seeing an issue when there was none. Thanks.

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