Star rating in detail view & working time

HI all,

I have two different questions about how to setup the detail view:

First question:
Is there a way to show a rating as a slide bar or star rating in detail view. ?

second question:

Is there a way to change the time that it can be used to put in the amount of drive time in hours and min. so that you do not get AM or PM and that it is 0:40 when you have been driving 40 min.


Set the column type to Duration rather than Time.

Hi Steve,

thanks, any ideas for showing the rating as a nice format like stars or …

Are you looking for something like this?



not completely but maybe format rules good be a solution when i make a few (5) of them…


With a Number type column you can choose “Range” as the Display Mode, and you’ll get a slider bar, then set the min, max, and step size values.

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@Lucas_Cuypers Or like this


You changed Enum from box to stars ? Is that possible? I thought this would be a feature request :thinking:

I suspect those are images.

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@LeventK please, Can you explain how did you do that?

What are you asking specifically? Couldn’t get your point, sorry.

Is this a mockup @Lynn?
As far as I know this is not possible natively in Appsheet

Not sure approach Lynn used, but I have done this using google sheets. In google, you can:
(1) open a google Doc and “Insert Symbol” to create any number of yellow starts you want.
(2) paste those stars into the ENUM column you create as the enum values.
(3) add the Stars ENUM column to the view you want.
The ENUM list now provides any number of stars you want.

  • I did this super quick. Have not confirmed it works in browsers other than Chrome.

@Lynn - did you use images or another approach?


Hi @Mike I dont remember. It was a few years ago . I will check. I think I did it as you have described.

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Not sure how Lynn did it here, but I’ve done this with simple emoji characters copied into an enum

But you can have all kinds of fun!

Like using URLs to images and setting the base type to image

You could also use images uploaded to the data source using a relative file reference as well:



This is Great.
I would like to select from the available action icons, but these are covered in javascript and I’m not sure how to download them. Where may I find a source of all the action icons to use with this functionality?

Matt is correct, i just copied emojis into an enum.

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Check this solution: is working fine for me