Start date - End date (item on every day visable)

Hi all,

For a reservation tool i have a reservation with a sart and end date. Now ik want to create a view what is grouped by date, but i need to have those items on every day between those dates visable in my grouping and then use the counter on the grouping.

Al least i think that is the easiest way so see how many i have left to rent on witch day.

Create simple new table, just one row - Date filed, where you push the date value from and to date you want to cover. Make sure this data value should be either asc or desc order you prefere.

Then on this table, create virtual column with select expression, something like

select(SourceTable[ID], AND([_thisrow].[Date]<=[StartDate],[_thisrow].[Date]>=[EndDate]))

This will pulling the list of source table rows there the each date falls within the range of start/end data of source table.

If you want to count how many are rent out on that date, then you wrap this expression with count.

select(SourceTable[ID], AND([_thisrow].[Date]<=[StartDate],[_thisrow].[Date]>=[EndDate]))


Hi @tsuji_koichi,

This works great in combination with a arrayformula on the sheets side. There is have created that list and that list i subtrack from the total list. So now a user can’t make a double reservation.

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