Start Expression Confirmation or Correction

Using this start expression to generate a monthly report at the beginning of each month for collection records for the previous month. Not sure if it is correct. Would anyone be able to confirm or correct?

<<Start:ORDERBY(SELECT(Collection Event[Collection Key],EOMONTH(DATE([Timestamp]),0)=EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1)),[Timestamp],FALSE)>><<[TIMESTAMP]>>

Had been using but I’ve had some inconsistent results.

What sort of inconsistent results are you seeing? Maybe you could base it on a slice for last month?


Your <<Start>> expression looks fine (assuming [Timestamp] is never blank). As @Lynn asked, what sort of inconsistencies are you seeing?

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Inconsistencies might not be the right word. I couldn’t find the September report in my email but the October report looked good. As I think about it, I may have not had the kinks worked out before September report was scheduled to run. I’ll know more If it generates the November report as scheduled…chalk it up to user error. If so, apologies for the false alarm. But it is helpful to know that the expression looks correct. Thank you.

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