Starting view is not working or not responding

No matter which view is selected, the app always shows the last open view.

Even after closing your app, instead if just refreshing it ?

Do you have a formula in oppening view? A screenshot please

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I directly indicated the view name. Both in browser and in app, the indicated starting view does not show at launch.

Starting view is in generally meant to open a view when the user opens the app at the first time. After that, your app tries to open the view that was open when you closed the app.


In my case, I created a view listing rows that users might have not completely input some important fields. I wish this view be open as reminder to users to come back and complete them whenever they open the app again.

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There are two interpretations for “opening the app”, and which one you’re using will affect your expectations.

  1. Opening the app the first time (after installing the app, after rebooting the device, after restarting the browser, or after closing the app). Might also be called “starting the app” or “launching the app”. In this case, the app is not already running and needs to initialize itself.

  2. Opening the app after putting it the background. The app “goes into the background” (or “pauses”, or “goes to sleep”) whenever the user switches to a different app, locks the device, or the device goes to sleep. In this case, the app is still running, and will continue from where it left off when resumed.

The starting view is only presented for (1), when the app is not already running and started anew.


Steve :slight_smile:

I have tested it on android phone. I chose a view (supposing view-a) and,

1.I threw the app away by swipe up in task manager, and then re-open the app,

2.I did the same and also force stop AppSheet in android settings before re-open the app,

Either ways the view-a shows up.

Please post a screenshot of your starting view expression.

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Normally I have like,

IF( condition=true,

So far it was working as expectation but then it is not working.

I even tried deleting the expression and directly picked a view from view name list.

Still the view-a always shows up. This happens on browser & on app.

Perhaps the developers have changed how starting view is applied. If so, it’s news to me. :frowning:

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Also the about page never shows up as usual. T.T

I have exactly the same issue. The starting page no longer appears.
I would like to have a home page when the user start the app after totally closing it.

Please contact for help with this.

ok, i’ll try that

here the support’s answer :


Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support.

The UX > Options > Starting View is only meant to work when the app is opened at the very first time. Unfortunately is not possible to force always the same screen, other than using the start URL: if you are using the mobile App, the app will reopen from the last windows where you left the application.

The starting view only works for the first time, for example reinstalling the application or starting the app the first time.


Please bring the original functionality of Starting View back. Similar to comments by others, its an important functionality to enable the user from starting with the same view instead of last view or at least provide an option.