Starting View Is not working

Hi, Starting view is not working, and idea if it’s a bug?

How is it not working? What behavior are you getting? What behavior do you expect?

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Hey, Thanks for replying to me,
I have a “Customer Table & View”, and as well some “UserSettings”,
The Starting view is set to “UserSettings”, But unfortunately the app is always starting and loading on the “Customer view”.

Please post a screenshot of the UX >> Options tab in the app editor showing the Starting view setting.

Please also post a screenshot of the configuration of your UserSettings view.

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Try Settings rather than User Settings.

I would discourage you from using Settings or any form view as the starting view. Controlling the view that occurs if the user cancels out of any form or saves the Settings form is very difficult in all but the most trivial app.

Hello @Steve,

To take advance of same topic, I am having a similar wrong behaviour with this option:

Background Im building 4 apps: 3 different leads management apps and 1 launcher for these apps. Currently I am having some issues with the navigation between the apps.

Case 1 Launcher App:
I have two views

  • View No. 1. Deck View with a list of sales rep thats when I click on it, point to view no. 2 (Linktoview action)
  • View No. 2. Gallery View with 3 images with a LinktoApp action to go each app.

First issue:
Despite I set Starting View option refering “View No. 1”, in Browser and Mobile loads “View No. 2”

Case 2 Inside Each of the 3 Leads Mgmt apps:

  • I reuse the previously mentioned “View No. 2 Gallery Launcher” in each of the 3 apps to switch between them.
  • I set in each app the Starting View to go “Leads view”, but it occurs the same behaviour, it goes to View No. 2 Gallery launcher.

Note: in the Appsheet simulator follows the correct flow, but in browser and also mobile not.

Note: The action that I’m using in View no. 2 Gallery Launcher is the following:

[_THISROW]= “1”,LINKTOAPP(“DM-VendedoresDigital-814140”),
[_THISROW] = “2”,LINKTOAPP(“DM-VendedoresPiso-814140”),
[_THISROW] = “3”,LINKTOAPP(“DM-VendedoresGoogle-814140”)

My next workaround is forget this Launcher view and use 3 Actions inside the Leads view of each app, in overlay mode to simulate the switch so being the unique view it will be working as expected.

Could you please help me with some advise?

Thanks in advance.

I’m very confused by your problem description. You say you have two problems. Can we start with one problem, the move to the second after fixing the first?

Please describe only one problem, in detail, please.

Hello Steve, sorry about the structure of my question!

The main issue is despite I set the Starting View option to “Leads” table View, when i hit the LinkToApp actions, the apps starts in the Gallery View that i use as a Launcher. Only In the Appsheet simulator goes Ok.

Hmmm… I don’t have any experience with LINKTOAPP(), so I don’t know whether the behavior you’re experiencing is intended or not. It may be a bug. As a work-around, though, you could use LIKTOVIEW() instead and force the initial view. For instance:

LINKTOVIEW("Leads", "DM-VendedoresDigital-814140")

See also:

Ok thanks Steve, i will try this workaround and also I will to reproduce this situation in another more simple app and if present the same behaviour i will post as an issue to review.


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@Steve, would this way to link over-ride AppSheets programming that returns a user to the last view they were on?

I understand Starting View is just for the first time a user uses the app.


I’m not sure I understand your question. :frowning:

I want to be able to control where the user goes when they re-open the app. My understanding is that they go back to the last view they were on when they left or closed the app.

I have an app that is simply menu with two options, each leading to another app. Could I use the LIKTOVIEW() instead and force the initial view?

Does this make sense?

If the user simply puts the app in the background/minimizes it, they will return to the app ass it was when then left it. You have no control over this.

If the user force-stops the app, the app will display the view specified by the starting view in UX >> Options. This you have complete control over.

That sounds like you want to direct them to another app? It may be possible (yes, using a LINKTO…() expression), but I’ve not tried so can’t say for sure.