Starting view or About Page don't work on IOS


I have an issue whereby the starting view or about page never work on the ios app. It works fine in the app editor in my web browser. The app just always loads from the last page I was on.

I’ve tried both these options and neither work after I refresh / sync the app.


The starting page only occurs when the app is newly-opened, not when brought back to the foreground, nor after a sync. There is no way to trigger a view change when the app is brought back to the foreground or after a sync.

Sure, that’s fine and expected, but it doesn’t work when I close and re-open the app. It just takes me direct to the my last accessed page. Thanks

How are you closing the app?

Closing the app via IOS “swipe up”. I guess I’ll just give it a miss and think of another approach… Not to worry, thanks.

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It’s possible this may be a new bug. I don’t have an iOS device so I can’t test.