Stats from Yes/No forms

Hello geniuses! :slight_smile:

So there you go, I’ve created an AppSheet with various forms (3 to be exact).

I’ve been looking for a way to get stats from it for a week.

In the idea I would like a pie chart that would tell me so many% yes on the last line added and so many% no on the last line added.

Secondly, and as far as possible, I should be able to retrieve the data from the three forms for in fact a global pie chart that would give me the yes rate and the no rate on all the forms.

thanks in advance
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Nobody ? :frowning:

You need to populate a table with the desired stats, the create chart views of that table to display what you want. None of the stats you mention are built-into AppSheet, so you’ll have to compute them yourself.

Thanks for your feedback. I analyzed the thing a little more closely and the statistics are only done on the columns. There is no way to take a line as a reference?