"statusCode": 404, "message": "Resource not found"

Hi, I am trying to invoke an action using the API through an URL from Xendit, this is the test payload:

    "data": {
        "id": "ewc_95d47d3a-db03-4b4b-9b6c-71077157cbc8",
        "basket": null,
        "status": "SUCCEEDED",
        "actions": {
            "mobile_web_checkout_url": "",
            "desktop_web_checkout_url": "",
            "mobile_deeplink_checkout_url": "https://wsa.uat.wallet.airpay.co.id/universal-link/wallet/pay?deep_and_deferred=1&token=dFhkbmR1bTBIamhWwFfJaB-n_6eGjr1eAHnlwWEJDsEpIU_-8m0QS5Tb1nFp_ZEtGrgHWKV8LuV6rwVL2COCVw"
        "created": "2020-10-21T13:57:43.355897Z",
        "updated": "2020-10-21T13:57:43.730483Z",
        "currency": "IDR",
        "metadata": {
            "branch_code": "senayan_372"
        "voided_at": null,
        "capture_now": true,
        "customer_id": null,
        "callback_url": "https://webhook.site/5eebb675-6102-453a-a81c-de95fb08bc77",
        "channel_code": "ID_SHOPEEPAY",
        "failure_code": null,
        "reference_id": "test-payload",
        "charge_amount": 20000,
        "capture_amount": 20000,
        "checkout_method": "ONE_TIME_PAYMENT",
        "payment_method_id": null,
        "channel_properties": {
            "success_redirect_url": "https://google.com"
        "is_redirect_required": true
    "event": "ewallet.capture",
    "created": "2020-10-21T13:59:14.536400713Z",
    "business_id": "59e0daf7049b567510c63f67"

I have already make API

but the response is

{ "statusCode": 404, "message": "Resource not found" }

Please kindly help me

That URL is incomplete.

Dear Steve,
I have make correction according to your information:

“Action”: “edit”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-US”,
“Location”: “47.623098, -122.330184”,
“Timezone”: “Pacific Standard Time”,
“UserSettings”: {
“Option 1”: “value1”,
“Option 2”: “value2”
“edit”: {
“id”: “{{119668154__id}}”,
“event”: “{{119668154__event}}”,
“phone”: “{{119668154__phone}}”,
“amount”: {{119668154__amount}}1,
“status”: “{{119668154__status}}”,
“created”: “{{119668154__created}}”,
“business_id”: “{{119668154__business_id}}”,
“external_id”: “{{119668154__external_id}}”,
“ewallet_type”: “{{119668154__ewallet_type}}”

But still not working, please kindly help me

Each ‘{{’ should be << and each }} should be >>.

Dear Steve,

the body:
“Action”: “Edit”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-US”,
“Location”: “47.623098, -122.330184”,
“Timezone”: “Pacific Standard Time”,
“RunAsUserEmail”: “YourEmail@google.com
“Rows”: [
“ID”: “<<[ID]>>”,
“Event”: “<<[Event]>>”,
“Phone”: “<<[Phone]>>”,
“Amount”: “<<[Amount]>>”,
“Status”: “<<[Status]>>”,
“Created”: “<<[Created]>>”,
“Business_Id”: “<<[Business_Id]>>”,
“External_Id”: “<<[External_Id]>>”,
“ewallet_type”: “<<[ewallet_type]>>”

but the error is still the same:

{ “statusCode”: 404, “message”: “Resource not found” }


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You’ve reached the end of my familiarity with the API. For more help, I have to direct you to support@appsheet.com.

Dear steve,
I am so sorry, because i have only a little knowledge about API,

The API is for callback url from Xendit, but it seem it will be very hard for me to make it,

So i’m using other ways, invoke Xendit with Zapier to directly invoke my worksheet, then I invoke the data recieve by email for notify.

So now the payment gateway and the call back all handle well.

Anyway thank you so much for your help, i really appreciate it.

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