Sticky Editor Settings

Manage => Auditor => Editor Settings

Is it possible that settings in here could be saved as part of overall Apps settings? Since each time you go back into an App all these are reset to OFF. Its a bit of a PITA turning them on each day. But also not intuative for new Appsheet devs.

Mine don’t… are you coming to the app from an incognito window? Or from a different PC or something each time?

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Yeah its google incognito. But why does it forget just those settings when it can store all the other ones without issues?

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Which other ones do you mean?
I would assume that all the editor settings would revert back to default when viewing it from an incognito window - or when logging into the account for the first time - or when you clear you cache or something.

For example the settings in Behaviour => Offline/Sync are stored at a per-app level. So there seems to be no logical reason why these could not be too. I’d be happy with having to set this just once per app

But with the danger of expanding this rant any further :slight_smile: … If you’re correct that this only applies to incognito mode, then this is all caused by have to have 3 seperate google accounts linked to 3 seperate appsheet accounts for each of the 3 license types :confused:

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Editor settings are apparently saved as browser data (e.g., in cookies), rather than in the app config. Presumably, this allows them to persist across apps.

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Exactly; they’re EDITOR settings, not app settings.

But I can see how something like this might/should be carried over with your account; even if I log in from an incognito window, I’m still logging into my account.