Still several questions about copy rows from one table to another

Hi, my friends. I want to copy rows from one sheet to another by using behavior: “add a new row to another table using values from this row”. Here are my questions:

  1. How it decide which row it copy?
    This is columns of table “alpha”:

    This is my behavior setting:
  2. I check the article of Praveen: New Action: Add a Row to a table. In this article I use his app and find that it can select all options, which does not work in my app:

    I wonder how to set it.
  3. What surprise me most that after I click the behavior button in my app, the target table just has two rows. Actually it should have three rows.

    I wonder which step is wrong. Thank you all kindly.

The Action will run on whichever record you run the Action on. How are you triggering this Action?

I don’t believe that is a publicly accessible feature. Perhaps something new that is only available to whatever account this sample app is currently on.

I see you are using 3 “create a new record…” Actions inside of 1 Grouped Action. Perhaps you should be using a “data: execute an action on a set of rows”?

Dear Marc, I have read your several articles in community, I knew you are the master on data transfer. Firstly thank you for your reply, after my verification I found problem appears in the setting of the key column. If the key column has duplicate values it will just show one of the data. For example if I set “sign” column as key column:

If the key column can help app distinguish different data, the action problem can be solved, but I still don’t know how to make a button to make the select-all function. Maybe you are right Marc, when I copy the standard app from Praveen and open it, the original button disappeared, I only can select rows one by one to trigger the action button again.