Still working through my first app... Is the...

(Justin Magill) #1

Still working through my first app…

Is there a way to automatically fill in an email address based on a name selected?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Justin_Magill Hi Justin, except for troubleshooting minor issues or investigating bugs, I’m afraid we normally don’t have the resources to help all of our customers design and build advanced custom app features. For these requests, I highly recommend checking out our sample apps, community posts, and our documentation, which should give you more information and ideas about how to implement your app. Another option is to contact one of our solution partners, who are experts at designing and building highly advanced customized solutions.

In your case, a good place to start is to first think very carefully about how you want to structure and store your data. For instance, the following questions need to be answered first before anything meaningful can be built. Do you have a table storing the information of all instructors? Do you have a table storing all the different classes? You want each student to be tied to one instructor, but do you also want to tie each student to a class? What if a student can have multiple classes and instructors? What if an instructor can teach multiple classes, or a class can have multiple instructors? How well you structure your data in order to model your business reality will form the foundation of your app. Many later problems in apps that we have seen so far are usually the result of bad data structure and app design.

(Justin Magill) #3

perfect! Thank you!

(Justin Magill) #4

Another question… I have a workflow that sends me an email for new adds to the form.

Am I able to also have this email sent to the person creating the form based on the Name/Email entered in the form?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

@Justin_Magill Yes, in the workflow rule, you can simply use the column [Email] as the target email address.

(Justin Magill) #6

@Harry amazing! Thanks for your help!!

(Justin Magill) #7

Now you’ve got me on a roll. I wanted to add a roster option for our instructors. I’ve requested this once before but it has not worked the way I’ve hoped.

We offer free cpr training to community members and need a way to collect names and emails to submit for certification.

I’d like to add a way for our instructors or collect this information during the class. Each instructor would need to enter their name and class type (there are several) and then have students sign in on an iPad or other device. It would all have to be connected to the initial instructor and I would not want the student to have to enter any class or instructor details.

Is this making sense and is it possible with our account?