Stock management app

Hi, I work in a small jewelry business (3 kiosks) and we could really use an inventory system as we have thousands of small items and the stock management app looks like it might be a good match.

My question would be, can the stock management app control a cash register, record cash sales, process debit
transactions, reciept printers and print the barcodes?

Basically can it behave like a Pont of Sale system through the sell function?

@Bahbus might know more… But…

To my knowledge, while able to control stock, Appsheet is not the best solution for a point of sale system.


Short answer: no.
AppSheet would have no way to interact with the other hardware required to run a full PoS. AppSheet also has no way to process cards innately.

With that said, AppSheet can absolutely help you manage your inventory, potentially generate barcodes (via an outside service), or be used as a browsable menu. That third option is the one that originally got me here in the first place. I’ve seen others here generate QR and barcodes.

So, as far as a full fledged PoS goes, I would recommend Square or Vend. Vend is what I hope to move to from Quickbooks PoS at my business. Because Quickbooks is <more expletives than I care to type>.


ahh ok. Thanks for both replies. I was hopeful it could be used as a pos as the description explains on the inventory control app management can use the inventory feature and employees use the sell function along with scanning barcode ability.

But it can work along side a cash register for the sole purpose of recording items in and out by scanning them once the database is created?

If I can get it to print out barcodes via external devices that would be a huge plus.

any thoughts on that?

Yes, you can use it as a stock management app. Simple in and out.

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