Stock Managment: sell multiple products at once

Hi all,

I’m really a novice and thanks already for your help. What i’m trying to do is the following:

Im trying to create a stock managment app. I have 3 tables:
1 - Add stock
2 - Sells
3 - Inventory

I manage to create a simple app that can add or sell one item at a time and record it in the inventory table, but what I really need is to add or sell multiple products at a time.

Is that possible? Maybe I should change the way the tables store data, can you help me somehow?

Sorry for my english, Im from argentina.

Hi, Muketaz!

Your English is fine, don’t worry. Could you elaborate exactly what you mean or what happens when you “sell” your stock. Is there just a column that shows that an item is sold? Or are you trying to create an interface so that the buyer can buy multiple objects at a time? I believe that you will just need to explain more about what you’re trying to do exactly.

Sharing some screenshots and also sketches of maybe the steps/process that you’re trying to accomplish could also be beneficial.


Hi @_redline, thanks for your answer!! I have just found a sample app that may help me. I past the link for the record.