Stop emails from bot coming through

I hit run on a bot without a condition and now recieving an email for each of the 24,000 rows in my table.

How do I stop it!


You made my day :joy: :joy: :joy:
I’m afraid you can’t stop it.
I suggest you set a filter on your inbox email to automatically throw any email coming from “” to trash/permanently delete while it’s running…
or, more efficient, on a temporary blacklist.

That’s a good question though, maybe someone at appsheet’s will want to implement an option to stop a bot from working.
You may want to contact Support, maybe they can make something very quickly here:

What happens if you click “disable” and save your change ?


Appsheet say they can’t stop it.

As it is in prototype mode it says it will only send 1000 luckily. It looks like I managed to stop it by deleting all the unique ids from the table and interrupting it.

I added a condition then changed the event to schedule which wipes the condition! The condition box also happens to be just below the bottom of my screen so I didn’t see it go blank - then I hit run.