Stop reference after form submitted

is there a way to disable a ref after form submitted?

lets say i have a data table where i’m referencing data from…

REF [stock #] and from that the year, make, model pulls over.
once a stock # is deleted… the year, make, model gets deleted from my orders if i go in and edit that record.

is there a way to disable that or some type of static copy of that record that nolonger references from stock #

Not easily. Generally not a good idea to delete a row if something references it.

You might consider changing how you use references. Instead of storing the references in the child rows, use the references to copy the values to the child rows when the child rows are created.

not sure how to do that

Thinking of just switching to dependent drop downs and auto select because only 1 option will be available. That way form is saved regardless what happens to parent .

Unless anyone has a better idea

successsssssss… i ended up going with a LOOKUP in INITIAL VALUE.
that way if vehicle gets deleted from parent. vehicle info doesn’t get deleted from form edit

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