Stopwatch Feature

I’ve created a workout tracking app for my gym that tracks exercises, reps, and sets. The issue I’m having is that there seems to be no way to create a running stopwatch through Appsheet that I can provide real-time feedback to my clients with.

I’ve tried the workarounds using a start / stop column with a function to calculate duration, but it would be much more useful to actually see the time elapsing as the exercise is being performed, rather than after.

I have to imagine that this would be a fairly simple function to add to Appsheet, and would also be very useful for a variety of professions. I truly love Appsheet and the possibilities you guys offer, but really need this to be added for my app to function effectively in a gym setting. Hopefully it’s possible?

Yes that’s true that we don’t have timer function in that way. The closest stopwatch I have created is this sample app called “In Duty”. You can find it from

Is there a delay in the stopwatch start/stop functionality? What I mean is, is the timestamp done instantly on the client or is there a round trip to the server? Can the timer include units smaller than seconds?

In my sample app the timestamp is done on client side. Unfortunately second is the smallest unit.

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