Store time in UTC

I have other software that handles dates/times in UTC format and need help storing the values as UTC after I change them.

How can I change the values in AppSheet and store as UTC in sheets? (non-timestamp)
When sending out a webhook via AppSheet how can I send the time/date formatted as UTC?

I read through topics on here and everything seemed to be around the current time (timestamps).

Does this not return the UTC time that is NOW?

I want to set in a form a date in the future, then store it as UTC format that is in he future not now.

Yes. But you’ll need that to compare to whatever times you are storing. Because there is no special format. You can set whatever time and date you want and claim its any timezone. Nothing will specify its UTC versus a local time, except for you knowing that you’re storing it as UTC, and therefore a user will need to use UTCNOW() for comparison purposes.

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