Strange behaviour with Action button on deck ...

(Mikko Palmu) #1

Strange behaviour with Action button on deck view (based on Slice). Button opens a form for voting, and shows on deck view and on detail view

Action buton is set to -Display prominently -Added to Slice -Added to Deck view

Conditions for showing the button inside AND() 1. now()> [Voting starts] 2. now()<[Voting ends] 3. NOT( IN ( [My ID], [ref List of votes in another table][Has voted ID])) 4. IN ( [My ID], [ref List of Allowed voters in another table][Voter ID])

Detail view works fine, voting works and button shows or hides based on the conditions. Deck view works otherwise OK but the condition 3 doesn’t hide the button, pressing it just doesn’t open the voting form anymore. Any idea why is that?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Would you please show the formula, thanks.

(Mikko Palmu) #3

I already found a new solution, but I can try the old way again

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

No need :slight_smile: