Strange internal change of the App Between V...

(Fabian Weller) #1

Strange internal change of the App

Between Version 1.001364 and 1.001365 happend something strange. Since 1.001365 I was not able to ADD an entry in the Records Table. When I click on the “+” Button it opens a blank screen. Another problem that occurred: Some Actions don’t work anymore. I got the error message “Updated row with key null cannot be found”.

I now changed to the previous version, because we work with this App.

Do you know why this happend?


Here are the changes from the Version History:

LastModified = 12/18/2018 8:38:14 AM Version = 1.001365 Presentation{ Controls_12{ Settings = {

“MainSlideshowImageColumn”: “auto”,

“HeaderColumns”: [



“QuickEditColumns”: [],

“ColumnOrder”: [





“ImageStyle”: “Fill”,

“DisplayMode”: “No Headings”,

“MaxNestedRows”: 5,

“SlideshowMode”: false,

“SortBy”: [],

“PrimarySortColumn”: null,

“IsPrimarySortDescending”: false,

“Events”: [],

“Icon”: “fas fa-sticky-note”,

“MenuOrder”: 1

} ViewDefinition{ ColumnOrder = Related_QualityGate_Defects } } } AppData{ TableSlices_10{ Columns = Related_QualityGate_Defects } DataSchemas_1{ Attributes_30{ InternalQualifier{ System internal change – update to column metadata } AppFormula = =SUBSTITUTE([Related_QualityGate_Defects][Comment] , " , " , "

") } } } NumEdits = 1296

(Fabian Weller) #2

I think I found the reason:

When I add a virtual column to the Records Table with the formula:

=SUBSTITUTE([Related_QualityGate_Defects][Comment] , " , " , "


the Form will appear as a blank screen.

If I just use: =[Related_QualityGate_Defects][Comment] it is working fine.

I think the SUBSTITUTE is the problem.

(Steven Coile) #3

You probably need to encode/quote/escape the SUBSTITUTE() expression for use in JSON. The unescaped quotes, parentheses, and commas in the expression are likely confusing things.

(Fabian Weller) #4

+Steve Coile Thank you, you are totally right. But how could I do this?

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(Fabian Weller) #5

+Steve Coile It’s working with

=SUBSTITUTE(TEXT[Related_QualityGate_Defects][Comment]) , " , " , "


Thank you for your hint :slight_smile: