Strange issue with system generated Edit Actions

Most of the Edit Actions (as a button, dropdown, etc) have suddenly broken. They are either linking to Detail views or doing nothing. The form views are still present in the App, but Edit doesn’t seem to be linking. Is there an issue? Did I break something?


Can you post some screenshots showing the problem?

not sure its screenshot-able, however to be more specific it happens under the following circumstances:
View Details of Table A.
Table A contains “Related Table B” with an inline view.
Table B_inline is a Card view.

So, viewing Table A_details includes the inline view Table B_inline which presents a card for each related row in Table B. The three button menu has 2 actions: Edit, Delete. Delete works, but Edit will either do nothing, or in some cases show the Table B_details view, if it exists.

I have confirmed that I only have the system generated Edit Actions, and that the correct action is assigned in the menu. I created a second Edit action for Table B and it didn’t work either.

I did recently create 2 table slices that are read-only to suppress the ‘new’ option in drop downs. One of these is a slice of Table B, but the related reference in question points to the original, r/w-able version of Table B.

Thank you.

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Hmmm… Sounds like someone will need to look at your app configuration, which means you’ll need to engage

Will do. Thx.

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I’ve been having this same issue with edit actions. Seems to only happen with card views as well. Just started happening on the 27th, no changes made to any of my apps.

Same suggestion: please contact for help with this.

Interesting. It happened to me at the same time. Also accompanied by some very strange interface kerfuffles in the editor. Screen redraw went totally haywire. Did you see anything like this?


Same issue with me. In the app editor, iPad, and iPhone, as well as opening the app in browser. Edit action button in card view does nothing. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling, didn’t work. I noticed it on the 27th as well.