Strange Problem, no name

Hey Everyone,

I have a strange problem when adding a (“New Item”) in a dropdown.

See below

Select Vendor A

Recieve Displays

Select “New” from the dropdown

Nothing gets saved… I would expect a new Master type to be added and automatically select for the selected Vendor. Which is Vendor A

This is going to be the same general problem as the other time. You’re 3 open forms deep, and references and dereferences do not work that way - manually or automatically. You’re going to need to use App Formulas,Valid Ifs, Initial Values, or something to fill the data you want filled when you’re nesting this deep.


right but the form is being fully filled in and saved.

Nothing in your screenshots appear to relate to this.

So the last image is what comes up when you press new.

When save is pressed nothing gets saved at all. Just disappears and goes back to the image before. :confused:

Because it doesn’t write to the sheet until you finish the other open forms.

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But it doesn’t appear in the drop down, Usually everything else I make this does happen and it will also select the new entry. IDK man, maybe Im not getting it but I thought I did lol

OOOOooooh. I understand now. My apologies. I was interpreting the whole thing differently. Um…Hmm, do you have a Valid If for the dropdown where you hit New?

Yes I do.

[Vendor].[Related Vendor Displays] 

But this New Item that is added is a new display under the Selected vendor. So it should be valid no?

In that last screenshot, as you fill that in, do you manually associate it with Vendor A or attempting automatically?

I went back to the other thread that you already posted a screenshot of this table. There is a Vendors column marked Ref. How does that get filled in? Because Vendor A was the initial selection on the first form and carried to form 2, form 3 won’t get it automatically. So if the ref back to Vendors never got filled in, that would be why it never gets populated in the drop down and “disappears”. If you were to finish saving the form all the way through, and then check your data, you would see that the new item was there but not linked to a vendor. I am 99% sure about this.

Automatically. Im not doing anything manually. I wouldn’t know where to start?

Ok. Small shot in the dark. Try an Initial Value (so that you can change it easily in the future) of ANY([Related Form Item Displays][Vendor]) on your Vendors column in that table.

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So I added the suggested formula to the Vendor Column Formula.
I add a new item and still shows up blank.

But when I save the form with a differant display selected, the new one that was added is saved.

Hmm. Make Vendors visible and lets see what it says when you get to the form. Send a screenshot of that. That should help us narrow it down.

Its shows the correct vendor as selected. its just I need to save the entire form with another item and than it adds it.

Try turning Vendors into a virtual column and see if that changes anything.

If I do this i wont be able to nest the table anymore right? and it wont be able to save the related id to the sheet?

It won’t be written to the sheet, but virtual refs are just as good.

Im sorry but if its not written to the sheet? how will it know the connection the what vendor the display belongs to later?

The VC will remember all that.