STRANGE - Unable to fetch app definition

Suddenly, I have error when load the App:

“Unable to fetch app definition.
Error:Error: There is a mismatch in the number of columns between the spreadsheet for ACTIVE and the table schema. The table has 27 columns but the schema has 24 columns. Please regenerate the table column structure…”.

Every time when I have this ERROR, after regenerate - it is disappear. but now regenerate not resolve the issue. I even count manually the columns and the same “non-virtual” columns is in the App and in the spreadsheet.

What is the problem, Mybe it’s because Appsheet Team is working on the system? because we have from tonight problem accessing all SVG views also.

we need immediate help, the App is unrunnable.

Try deleting ALL columns to the right of the last column and regenerating. Sometimes there’s stuff in the sheet that you may not be seeing.


That’s it !!
Thank you very much.

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