Strange URL Behaviour

Hi all,

Seeing some very odd behaviour when clicking on a URL. In my app I have 2 views, both with URLS correctly formed. One view works absolutley fine, the other simply refuses to take me to the URL link, but instead takes me to the websites homepage, almost like it’s ignoring anything after the initial domain. What’s odd is that it works fine from the dev editor but not from the app (ios).
I’ve tried literally everything, wrapping with HYPERLINK, ENCODEURL etc etc. But the URL is well formed and as I say, works in the dev editor.
In the other view I have, I have other URLs which work just fine so starting to the think it’s something to so with the actual site?

I made my portfolio available but I’m not the link works (as per the instructions before creating my community account)?


@imtiazu Are you able to show the URL which doesn’t work?

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Sure. Any URL to this website.

Could you post screenshots of it working from the app editor and not working from the app?

Hi Steve not sure that is a) easy to do nor b) relevant?
As mentioned, from IOS I just always land on the main website - it’s almost like it’s an encoding issue - perhaps with the “?” but then in another view I have links, not encoded with “?” and it works fine.

All I am going to do is screenshot you an open website from my laptop and the homepage of the opened link on phone?!?! Doesn’t make sense to me?


Steve are you not able to access my app directly?

I doubt it.

Actually, I suppose it would better to see views that contain the links, then to see the columns that produce the links. Seeing where you end up after clicking the link is of no value.

I’m not. You’d need to engage directly if you want someone to look at it directly.

I have a suspicion it may be the website forcing a mobile site to load and ignoring the url - could this be possible? Thanks

That is definitely possible.

Yep, that’s what it does. Confirmed from my phone.

OK Thanks for the responses, appreciated. WIll contact the website owner.

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