Strangest error!

When I type in I get this!!!


I am having the same issue on the website as well. My app also refuses to sync giving an error “Unable to fetch app definition. Error: app blocked. Please contact the app creator.” Neither our user or admin account is working with it for the time being. I noticed my last sync was around 3:40pm today, so I’m hoping this is a quick outage, as it’s impacting our business :confused:

It looks like the CSS isn’t working? My other problem is that when I try to use the audit log it looks the same, if I scroll down I see some stuff, but when I try to click on my API error… it’s a dead link!!!

Let’s hope it gets fixed soon!

Same here on the website. Have not checked the apps yet.

If you clear cookies it seems to work. Or browse incognito. Probably not a great solution to have to tell users though…

edit: I cleared cache at the same time. Sorry, might try that as well.

Negative ghost rider, that didn’t do anything for me

I am having the same issue

I tried clearing cookies, but it didn’t work. So I wiped cache, cookies, everything lol. That seemed to get the Appsheet website working at least. Our app is still giving the error I previously mentioned though. Weirdly enough, if I change the Security Filter’s Access Mode back and forth, my data works intermittently in the preview window. Definitely a strange problem for sure O-o

Just gotta hold out until whatever was broken is fixed I guess

we need some manifestation of “appsheet” peple about this

@Steve @praveen either of you know what’s going on here?

it might have been clearing cache that did it. Sorry I didn’t mention that before.

All good! You put me, and probably others, onto the right track to at least use the website haha! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Hi @praveen @Harsh_Ch ,

I am experiencing the same phenomenon.

As a workaround, I was continuing to edit the app from the app editor shortcut URL.
However, halfway through the process, the actual app stopped working properly even with the latest version, and I Logout.
Naturally, I had to abandon the AppSheet session, and the app editor shortcut URL stopped working as well.:hushed:

After that, clearing the browser cache brought back to normal and now it is working again.


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Hi everyone, thanks for reporting this issue. It is related to a recent release interacting poorly for users where the css file is cached. We have started a rollback and I will report back when it has completed.

If you experience this a hard reload of the webpage (Windows: shift+F5 , OSX: shift + Command (⌘)-R) will resolve it.



The rollback has completed. Thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the trouble.

Please let me know if you continue to see this issue even after a page reload.

As always when we have incidents like this we will do a root cause analysis and figure out + fix the gap in the release process that allowed issues of this type to make it to production.


Hoy nuevamente apareció el problema.