String cannot be of zero length

I’m getting and error that says “String cannot be of zero length. Parameter name:oldValue/n”. There are no red markings anywhere in my app so I have no idea where this error is coming from. As well as the fact that I’m 99.9% sure a string can be length zero. Any on had this error before?

Where are you seeing this error message? Is this the complete message? If not, can you post it?

And I think the “String cannot be of zero length” is referring to the context. The next part “Parameter name:oldValue” makes me think this message is coming from the underlying code used to build the platform - not from AppSheet functions directly.

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I found that the error was located in a formula that used a Substitute around an ExtractPhoneNumber where the phone number was empty. Support said that they would look into making the error message more descriptive. That was the complete message apart from “the app cannot be loaded please contact the app creator”.

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