Structured plain text representation of app

The PDF representation of the app serves these purposes already:

  • compact offline backup of the app
  • saving what the app looked like in a readable form
  • easier way to explain to others how the app works

In addition to the PDF representation of the app I would like a structured plain text representation of my app in either JSON or YAML, this has multiple uses:

  • easily diff two versions of the app
  • more readable with indentation (YAML preferred) (exporting pdf to plain text loses indentation)
  • machine readable in case I need to write a script to process things
  • avoid artifacts when converting the PDF from Adobe Acrobat (eg. “fi” and “fl” sequences have a weird representation in the “export to plain text” result)

@Stephen_Ehmann this already exists:

Navigate to: Info>Properties>App Documentation

  • there is a hyperlink at the bottom of that section that will generate the exact thing you’re looking for.

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thanks! That is most of it. It would be nice to have plain text in a structured data format like yaml/json. With the current output, I have to scrape it to get it into a plain text format.

I would like a feature to “Save as JSON” in addition to “Save as PDF”