Struggling with scheduled reporting!

Hi guys,

I used to have my weekly reports sent from slices in my apps and it worked fine. I migrated to the bots system now and my test mails work with my templates but they don’t seem to send at the times scheduled.

I’ve created a bot with these two elements:

This is the event:

If I press the “Run” button it fires the email specified in the “Process” and all works perfect but it never triggers on time on a weekly basis.

Please help?

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Hi @Gerhard_Viljoen

Usually this happens when app is not deployed.
Is it so ?

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Yes it has been deployed for very long. As I mentioned, all worked fine until we moved over to Bots…


Also, I tried the option for “each row in the given table” and selected the same table in the process and event. And then I get this message when I save it:

“The event and process of the ‘Weekly Report Bot’ Bot are not compatible. The output of event ‘Weekly Friday Trigger’ and the input of the process ‘New process’ must be the same table or ‘None’ in the case of a scheduled event that is not ‘For Each Row’.”

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That’s very weird.

I suggest you contact the support here:

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Automation is needlessly complex. :frowning:


No response yet and it has been two days…
Very frustrating as the main purpose of this app is to act on the automated reports on a weekly basis!

Did you get a response from the support team?

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@Gerhard_Viljoen I had the same issues after migrating, and I got the bots to fire on schedule after I made trivial changes to the scheduling times e.g. change the time from 5:15 am to 5:16 am - and then save the app changes. Also you might want to check if you used expressions for any email recipients - the appsheet upgrade process changed mine from expressions to text??? - click on the formula and it will change from black to blue indicating it is now a formula and then save. HTH


I have received a chat. Slow to respond though. I had a previous issued no one could help me with and they basically told me to rebuild the App… Hope we can fix this without such a response.
To be honest, I have had to contact Appsheet’s support numerous times in the past two years and it is a real drag to get things sorted.

In general I’ve found the whole support situation slowed down alot once Google took over :thinking:

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And I don’t feel like the fee we pay per user is so little that we are not to expect proper support?!

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Further to this issue.
In both my apps where I run this process by pressing “run” instead of the weekly trigger doing its job, I get three emails and in in the other four emails of the same kind in one batch, all identical (and correct)???
Honestly. Either I’m missing something substantial here or the bots are littered with bugs.

Thanks Anthony. I overhauled all the old events as they weren’t working once the bots took over. And none of them on either of my apps have been working correctly. I tried your suggestions but to no avail…

My suggestion (while you are waiting for support to respond ???) - is rebuild them from scratch - I have had no issues with Bots that started life as Bots (so far that is!)

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That’s my impression, too.

That’s my impression.

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Agree Steve ! I have an outstanding issue first logged with Appsheet on 7 May which is still not resolved !!! Support went from 1st class to almost non-existent unless you complain …

Hi All. I’m still nowhere.

I rebuilt the process again. If I select the “for each row in the table” it sends separate emails for each entry. I only figured that out now.

But my template takes all the records in a slice and includes them in one email. I can’t select a table when I don’t select the “for each row in the table” but I get an error message if I select the table in the email task (I am forced to select a table, which makes sense): "The output of event ‘Periodic Trigger (test 2)’ and the input of the process ‘New process’ must be the same table or ‘None’ in the case of a scheduled event that is not ‘For Each Row’."

I am at a serious loss here. Please help me see what is probably very obvious or suggest how I should address Appsheet support.


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Attn @Dan_Bahir @Zhifeng_Lin