Struggling with updating data in a separate table

I’ve put together an app for bee keeping which has main functions of Hive Inspections & Bee Yard Locations Management.

I’m struggling with one item at the moment. Our Hive inspection form has an area to record the number of hives. There are two different types so the user is adding a number for each hive type of “Singles” and “Doubles”. This is almost an inventory management function at this point as I want to display the most current hive total on the Bee Yard page. I don’t necessarily care what the previous numbers were as we are simply taking a fresh count at the time of the inspection and entering that as a new inspection form.

We can do multiple inspections a month so I always want the Bee Yard Location display page to have the latest total number of hives so we’ll need to only reference the latest inspection report values somehow.

I’ve messed around with actions and workflows and for some reason cannot get it to work. I’ve tried adding some virtual columns to create sums as part of the inspection report, yet I can’t seem to find a way to pass those values over to the location display page.

Any help/direction is greatly appreciated!

We will be glad to help but it’s a bit hard without knowing how your app and table schema are structured and how they are referenced to each other. how you have referenced the Hive locations (or Hives) to the inspections for example. Provided you can elaborate, we can present some solutions.


It seems like a bit of a convoluted structure but we have multiple tables setup as I wanted a number of things to be dynamic for the user. We’re still cleaning that up so it’s a bit of a mess but I’ll try to explain. I started from the farm inspection sample app and worked from there. Main Tables with the most content are Hive Inspections and Hive Locations. Those are the meat and potatoes of the data storage.

The inspection table references the location table when an inspection form is completed. We created a multitude of other tables referenced by the location and inspection forms, typically set as “Enum” type so they can be used as a selection of specific choices to make it easier for the user to not have to type in each answer, but keeping it flexible enough to allow users to add a new item easily (through a menu view) without the need to regenerate a bunch of app structure. Hopefully that makes sense.

The trick right now is I am recording a number field in the inspection form for hive counts that I really would like to display elsewhere in a couple of ways. Firstly, as a total number on the Location View (separate table) which has other location info such as Name, Lat/Long, County, Township, Section, A nearby Crop List, Property Owner Details, etc. The sample app also had a feature here where it lists the most recent inspections on that Location View( which I like).

The other place I’ve thought about using the hive counts from the Inspection form is on a separate “Hive Report” view. The idea there would be taking a sum of all of the most current inspection hive data and giving me a total list of hives to enable us to monitor our growth over the season. This is the reason we’d like to update the Location table with the most current inspection hive numbers so that we are not having to create an expression that grabs the newest inspection reports for each location to sum them up. I thought it would be easier to just use the updated data always on the Location View.

If there’s a better way, I’m all ears. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult but i am struggling with the actions and workflows and maybe it is because of the table structures?

Appreciate your detailed explanation but viewing possible scrshots from the app regarding the table schema, column structure etc. worth million words to have a better understanding of your app development and query. Thanks.

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There are some fields there from things I had tried working with so I apologize if it’s a bit messy right now. I also haven’t yet removed some of the sample app tables that are not being used. Namely inspection type I think. Definitely have some things to cleanup on the data side but right now more important to get function side down.

Definitely appreciate you taking a look! Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide.

@LeventK - Curious if you had any thoughts on this? Am i trying to do something that isn’t possible?