Stuck with references

Hi everyone,
I’ve only just discovered AppSheet, my questions might be of noob-quality.
I’m trying to build a virtual motorsport Championship league organiser. I think the relational db structure is ok, but I’m having trouble getting it together in appsheet. (References… many-to-many)

A Track has a couple of track variations and a couple of available track times.
A Venue contains a track, with a specific track variation and a specific track time.
A Championship has a couple of venues.

So the reference between Tracks, TrackVariations and TrackTimes is easy. I figured that one out.

But now I’m having trouble creating Venues. I can select the track alright, but I also need to specify the related trackvariation and related tracktime (not just any, the one specificly related to that track).
Venues can have many tracks. But Tracks can also have many venues…

I’m lost… I can’t figure out how to do it…

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated…


I couldn’t post more that one screenshot. Here’s the Tracks table:

The track variations:

And the track times:

In the Venue table, for Track Variation and Track Time columns, you need to use a ValidIf condition (under Data Validity).




What happens is that it goes in the TrackVariatons/Times tables and brings back only the records that have the same Track as your Venue.


Hi Alex,

That is so simple, yet so powerful :smile:

Many thanks!