Student Check-In app

I started with the excellent Student Check-In app and modified it for our private apartments pool/gym. I struggle to understand how the ID Input/Scan screen is modified - I originally hid some items, but can’t remember how!

To explain workflow, the lobby guard “Searches” the database and sees everyone (love the instant match after 2 or 3 characters) , but I want a version where only the “New” option is available for the resident to register.

Clearly I’m looking in the wrong screens, because I can’t even get the “Edit” option to work.

Anybody can shine some light?

I wasn’t able to find the Student Check-in app you referred to.

If I understand correctly, if a resident has not yet registered, you want them to see ONLY the “New” option forcing them to register.

I’ll assume you have the app setup so that anyone getting a copy can use the app - i.e. no login required and not a Public app.

I’ll also assume that when a user registers, you are capturing the user email in a table called Registered Residents.

With these assumptions, what you can do is test the USEREMAIL() value against the register user’s email list. If the email is not listed, then you would hide all views EXCEPT the “New” view. If registered users have other views they can access in the app, then you would do the opposite - show those views EXCEPT the “New” view.

To accomplish that described above, you would need to go into each MAIN view - those in the Primary and Menu view lists - and add an expression in the Show_If property (found under the Display section of the view). The expression would be something like:

IN(USEREMAIL(), Registered Residents[Email])

In the “New” view, the Show_If property would be:

NOT(IN(USEREMAIL(), Registered Users[Email]))

I hope this helps and I’m on the right track! Let us know.

Is this possible? I’ve not developed a public app, but my understanding is that a public app is an app that doesn’t require logins.

I probably didn’t word it correctly. “no login required” was meant to refer to an app set to “Allow all signed-in users” but this is a little confusing I think. While the user is signed into their Cloud account, they are not required to physically sign into the app and the users are not listed in the “whitelist”.

I felt it was important to distinguish between a non-public app where the users don’t physically log into the app versus a Public app…to deal with the requested feature in the post.

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Thanks - will try this out