Sub-Login Problem


In an AppSheet app with private tables we need dfiierent users to login with the same credentials of a Google GDrive (GMail) account, so the entry data of this group is stored in their GDrive.

So while the app is maintained and developed further, the data of the users is stored each on private GDrive accounts of the different groups.

Now, within a group of users, its needed for the app to distinguish between the users of the app, because some entries within the group need to be group-user based. Also the app needs to run with multiple users logged in from multiple devices, so the app can be used among the group members at the same time.

A sub-login was added which fetches the device-id and assigns it to the respective sub-user, so the app can distinguish which user the entry came from.

The problem is that the app functions well, only that AppSheet is not updating in realtime which gives us the following problem:

After a user updates something, this user shall be taken out of his current screen or logged out. It’s always taking the last row of the login table.

Incase if a client is using the app and same time the administrator logs in. He will be still working inside that view. But at that time he wont be logged out. Instead he will see the admin data because it’s always taking last row from login table. I tried device specific login, but the appsheet is not returning any value.

Any idea around how the sub-login problem can be solved ?

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Your problem is directly related to your very convoluted app design.

You’ll probably want to use a slice to identify and track the proper “login row” for the current user.

See also:

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Hello Steve,
This way you can control the views only if a person logs in with different google account. As per Franks requirement. He will use one google credential for entire team. Each person will have Login id password inside the app which is Fixed and it is taken from a user table. Is there any way we can control the views as per user role and with their current login session is what his question is. Thanks.

Yep. Same principle.