I’m creating an app but I’m unsure what subscription I’ll need.

The app is simple, people will put their ID number and it will tell them their e-mail addresses… it will be used as part of the onboarding for new employees. In some months it will be used by a couple dozen people on other months a few hundred… do I have to pay for every single one of them? Do I need a public subscription?

Thanks in advance.

The AppSheet app has an analysis tool built in that will tell you the plan requirements based ont he features you have included in the app.

To use this tool, go to the Manage pane and choose the Author tab. Plan requirements is at the top, tap it and then tap the “Analyze app features” button.

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Thanks for the answer, I looked it and it says I can use any one from Premium to BUSINESS… but I’m still not sure. This means I can have hundreds of people using the app and still pay only $5 per month on a Premium plan? Furthermore I can create unlimited apps and have all those people using them? I’m confused.


So if I plan to have hundreds of people using this app my best choice would be the Publisher Pro subscription right?

Potentially. It depends on the type of app your building. For example, if it is important to communicate with individual specific users, that will not be possible on Publisher Pro. If its a more generalized app and the individual user doesn’t matter, then it’s great.

What @Bahbus said.

Here’s an example I have been contemplating that might help.

I am considering building an event app for a local festival for event goers to get detailed information. There would be tens of thousands of users and I don’t really care who those users are so I don’t need them to login. They’ll just be reading event information. A Publisher Pro app at $50/month would be perfect. AND I’ll likely only need it for a month or two before the event.

HOWEVER, I may want the vendors to be able to update their specific event information. I’ll need them to login so I know who they are, only show them THEIR info and allow them to make updates for the event goers to see. For this I will need a SECOND app that’s on the Pro plan @ $10/vendor/month. I’ll probably need this app for many months as vendor enter/update info in prep for the event.

Two apps on different pricing plans updating/using the same data source is acceptable.


@WillowMobileSystems gives a very good example of both a plan difference AND a shared data source between two seperate apps.

Now to modify that example back to everyone needing a Pro plan:
The same app concept, but now users can purchase tickets to individual events at the festival that are saved and viewable in the app.

This example now would back to paying per user, and potentially also show off private tables.