Subset using Gallery View

We are trying to track carvings on trees in the forest because there has been a huge escalation of this problem and it is killing trees. One requirement I have is to be able find similar carving photos in the database from different tree locations and then drill down to the details of each report. I plan to create a Gallery view so users can find carvings that look the same. To filter these out it would be great if we could tap and pick all photos that look the same in Gallery view. All photos picked would then be subsetted into a List view to see report details.

I don’t see any documentation that would support this. I think it would be a great feature for sorting pictures that can’t be defined by keywords.



I don’t think this documentation addressed my question. I’d like to use Gallery view so users to scan pics, chose all the ones that look the same, then display the corresponding subset of reports via List view or map view.

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Sorry but I can’t follow what you are after

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Here’s what I think you’re after: You want to display the images with a single view. The user would tap any number of images to select them. Upon completion, the user would visit a different view that would show only the selected images in a more-compact report form.

All images in a single view: gallery view.

Tap images to select them: either (1) multi-select (a/k/a bulk select) and apply action, or (2) configure a Row Selected event action for the view.


Bulk select is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks!


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I spoke too fast. I spent many hours trying to get bulk select to work. Finally I discovered what is not in the documentation: The underlying table must have Deletes Allowed in order to do a bulk select. But I don’t want deletes allowed in the table. I’ll only use an action to go to a different view of items selected, not to delete.


Is there a way to use bulk select without setting the underlying table to Deletes Allowed?


If it won’t let you, I’m not aware of a work-around.

The work around that I’m familiar with is to add a virtual column named editable. And then add that to each column’s editable if. And then somehow get rid of the floating edit button in the views.

Seems like a lot of work!

Is there a simpler way?