Substitute Text Between Two Delimiter

Hello Friends,
I want to SUBSTITUTE Text Column Between Two Delimiter to New Text

Eg. From
HM Nat. 11 X 36 X 230@150@121

HM Nat. 11 X 230@150@121

I want To Replace " X 36 X "
With " X "

Any Idea How to Achieve This Desired Result from Expression

hI @Amit_Jain,

Please use an expression something like below

CONCATENATE (INDEX(SPLIT(“HM Nat. 11 X 36 X 230@150@121”,“X”),1),“X”, INDEX(SPLIT(“HM Nat. 11 X 36 X 230@150@121”,“X”),3))

Or let us say your original text is available in column [Original Text] and let us call delimeter character as “delimeter” (“X”) in your case then the expression will be something like

CONCATENATE(INDEX(SPLIT([Origina Text],“delimeter”),1),“delimeter”, INDEX(SPLIT([Original Text],“delimeter”),3))

Below image shows the expression tested in app editor


Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar For Your Reply
Your Suggestion Worked

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Thank you @Amit_Jain for your update. Good to know the expression was useful to you.

Not sure about your values in generally, but if the string is always like “X 36 X”, you could use…
SUBSTITUTE([ColumnName],“X 36 X”,“X”)

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No Sir
Its Variable

Every Time Its Different Value

But Right Left Delimiter are Same

Hi @Aleksi,

You are indeed master. Your expressions are always most compact.

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Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar
@Aleksi is a true ALIEN :grin:


Hi @LeventK,

I totally agree. He always has the most compact solutions that we simply fail to think through.

Of course you are also a techie with expertize in many software technologies.

We keep getting insights on a daily basis from all in this great community.