SUBSTITUTE() troubles

Hello everyone, first of all I have to say my knowledge of english is not exactly perfect, and I am sorry for it but I hope you’ll understand. I want that my app shows, for some columns, a different text from the one it’s written in the Google Sheet. Let’s say I want my text from [Column1] to be replaced with “OK” when I write “Yes” in the Google Sheet. I tried putting as a formula for column [Column1] the following formula:

SUBSTITUTE([Column1], “Yes”, “OK”)

It doesn’t give me errors, but when I try to open the app, unfortunately, I see “Yes” written and not “OK”.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Why not just change the value that’s being set in the column to what you want?

Unless you create a VC to “transform” the data from the sheet into something else, any data will be represented as it is in the source when viewed inside your app.

A will be A
B will be B

If you want A to say Apple, then you’ll need to create a new place to make this alteration - either a virtual column or another physical column.


I used virtual columns and it worked!

Thank you!